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Mearns, D., Thorne, B. (2005). Person-Centred Counselling in Action. Second Edition. SAGE. I found this a great introduction to the Rogerian person-centered approach in counselling. It is a very easy read and goes deep into explaining the Rogerian three core conditions. The book provides a great insight into what it feels like to be the counsellor and the client in a trusting, caring, therapeutic relationship.

Glasser, W. (2001). Counseling With Choice Theory. The New Reality Therapy. HARPER. Brilliant read! Easy to take in, as Glasser brings us into his therapy room while he counsels clients with the use of choice theory. This approach is empowering the individual, and Glasser shows us the use of his therapy with clients who come to him with various issues ranging from obsessing-compulsing to sexual identity issues, suiciding and marital problems and more. Highly recommend this book, as it gives us a different perspective to the world seen through the eyes of external control psychology so widely used.

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