Jane Topkin b l o g

I write about random things, all that is when life happens.


I can’t change someone else’s excuses, shitty behavior and distortion of reality in order to protect their ego, but I can change my attitude. That is where my choice and power lies. ♥

The time when we can start to look at our own thoughts, emotions and actions, is the moment we can start our complicated process towards healing ~ Janeism

In order to attempt to save someone else’s life, we must first believe in life itself.~ Janeism

The badder I am, the better I am. And the badder I am, the better you are too. (My Shadow) ~ Janeism

I am going to be a lot more selfish from now on, because I don’t always like the reasons why I’m not ~ Janeism


Having tact is redundant once you approach things with kindness ~ Janeism


If they can do it, we can name it, and you better know about it ~ Janeism

There is no monopoly in coffee business, but there is in service ~ Janeism

There is a lot of truth in anger ~ Janeism

We have a real opportunity to build relationships that are better. Give it your focus and commitment. ~ Janeism

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