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I write about random things, all that is when life happens.



It’s important to realise in life the moments when your intentions are pure despite the attack and judgements of people’s ego perceptions. 

“People will always reveal how they feel about themselves by how they treat and talk about others” ~ Troy Gathers

“Get out of your comfort zone and bring comfort to others” ~ unknown

“You believe people’s stories as they tell them to you. You can’t dismiss what people experience.” – Brene Brown about Empathy.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ~ Carl Jung

Choice theory language is based on the belief that the only person whose behaviour each of us can control is ourself. All we can give and receive from others is information. But information by itself can’t make us do anything. We can choose what we do, and no matter how we are threatened, no one can make us think the way they want. – from William Glasser & Carleen Glasser “The Language of Choice Theory”.

About goal setting from Russ Harris’ book “The Happiness Trap”: Never set a dead person’s goal. Never set as your goal something that a dead person can do better than you. Any goal that is about not doing something or stopping doing something is a dead person’s goal. To convert it to a live person’s goal you need to ask: If I was no longer doing this activity or feeling this way or thinking like this, what would I be doing with my time? How would I be acting differently? For example: “I want to quit smoking” is not a very good goal, as a dead person is already doing this better than you. You could say “if I was no longer smoking, I’d be going for a walk after lunch and breathing in the fresh air instead of puffing on a cigarette”. So make that your goal.

“Knowledge is a rumor until it lives in the body” – from The OA

What we experience is limited to our consciousness ~ Unknown


The €1 coin test. Kid drops a €1 coin on a packed bus when leaving. It’s on the floor for a while until a guy walking by picks it up and offers it to few people sitting near asking if they dropped it, nobody takes ownership. He then leaves it off the floor on a railing, people notice this. Everybody then gets off the bus but nobody picks it up. Were there fewer or no other people there, it’be snatched up in a sec. The things we do when others are watching, and when not.

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